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17 Jul

I’ve been lagging a little on my Oenophyte wine blog posts but before I run out the door today, I definitely want to blog some quick impressions from WITS (Wine Industry Technology Symposium) that I attended this past week in Napa.

WITS is a symposium designed specifically for the technological aspects of the wine industry. I first heard about the event through a coworker who attended the previous year and claimed to “take home” a lot of valuable information. Since technology changes so quickly, I decided that it would behoove me to attend and see what the new thing is. As predicted there are new advances not only in the way businesses are approaching their marketing but also in the tools and resources available to them.

My main focus is marketing, but the symposium supported just about all technological aspects of the wine industry – from sales to marketing, vineyard management, finance and so on.

Much of the content covered the growing prevalence of social media and the most effective tactics wineries can implement into their social media strategy to gain more exposure, drive more traffic into their tasting rooms and hopefully sell more wine!

There’s no two ways about it. Advances in technology are changing the way we are communicate. Long gone are the days when you had to travel home to check your answering machine to see if you missed any calls. Gone are the days of having to drive home to check your email. And who gets snail mail anymore?

People and information are mobile. One example. A couple weeks ago I stayed over at a friend’s house in San Francisco (they were out of town). When I awoke I was wondering where I could find a good latte. Instead of wandering around aimlessly (which has its merits), I went to the yelp app downloaded on my Droid phone and selected “coffee and tea” as the category of interest. Within seconds every coffee shop and tea house within close proximity popped up in list format including walking, driving and bus directions to those locations. The yelp listing even included information on whether or not the business was currently open.


I admit. It was actually quite delicious.

Do I think our society is spending too much time gazing into their 2″ x 4″ wonder screens? Yes. Am I wasting time – head in the mobile world – more than I ought to be? Absolutely! Would I be healthier if I spent more time engaged with a friend in person, called my mom more often or watched the sunrise from a mountain top. Yes sirree! Am I willing to give up the ease of having information at my fingertips … maybe not so much …yet.

WITS was cool; almost like a Rennaissance of communication centered around a specific industry. I think this is just the beginning – of what? I don’t know.