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6 Aug

baby’s first case of wine

13 Jul

Six years ago I moved to Sonoma County and soon after, I attended the Harvest Fair. A friend worked for Iron Horse Vineyards at the time and was invited or told to go represent or something to that nature.

It was a luscious and festive event with amazing bites and wines to try at every turn. In retrospect, I was totally and thoroughly undeserving of such an experience; an utter wine nincompoop.

At the event winery called Acorn had won best of show. At the time I was a caretaker on a piece of vineyard property near Lake Sonoma. My boss and his wife were winemakers. She and I crossed paths at the show and I recall her making a point for me to taste Acorn’s wine. I did and  regretfully don’t remember my impressions at the time. Again, a nincompoop.

Time passes …

Just over a month ago my boyfriend and I stopped by Willi’s Wine Bar on Old Redwood Highway for a quick bite and glass. (They have uhhmazing mac ‘n cheese by the way) and I saw a 2006 Acorn Heritage Zinfandel on the menu. I decided to give it a whirl, remembering Acorn’s great success at the Harvest Fair. The vintage I had at Willi’s was so lovely that made a point to take out a pen from my purse and scribble down the details so I wouldn’t forget.

About a month later, Michael and I went to a summer event downtown Santa Rosa and low and behold Acorn was one of the wine dozen or so wine vendors. I was able to once again indulge in the lovely 2006 Heritage Zinfandel. The owners, Bill and Betsy. are kind people and passionate about what they do.

Last week I went to their website and found the ’06. I sent an email inquiring if they still had it in stock. Betsy got back to me right away – but only 25 cases left and they had a great deal going for this specific wine for Acorn club members and industry folk like me!

The thoughts raced through my head: Twenty five cases … eegad! But I don’t need a case of wine. What am I going to do with a case of wine? What am I some kind of alcoholic? I don’t make enough money to buy cases of wine …

Then I started thinking? Tick tock tick tock ..this is bottled poetry that I already know I like. I like it a lot. Why wouldn’t I take hold of such a beautiful composition and keep it for my own, especially if I knew it would only get better with age?

Think about it … errr, ladies (since at this point I may only be talking to women) … you finally find a shirt that looks just stunning on you. The color is right. Sos the fit. The price is perfect. Just strike while the iron is hot and buy 2 or more. How about one in each color? Sure it’s a chunk to swallow all at once but .. then it’s yours and you don’t have to go out shopping again. It’s there in your closet .. or in this case … in your wine rack.

The next day I called on my lunch break and bought a case over the phone. Although Betsy assured me their inventory wouldn’t disappear over night but I couldn’t bear the thought of losing out.

I ask you – am I alone or has anyone else in my readership been there before?

And no .. I won’t share with you … unless you buy me a brick of stinky cheese and tell me jokes. Then and only then will I share my Zinfandel with you.